Zebron™ HT Inferno™ GC Columns by Phenomenex Inc

Manufacturer Phenomenex Inc

Zebron™ HT Inferno™ GC Columns by Phenomenex Inc product image
Zebron™ HT Inferno™ GC Columns

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Zebron™ Inferno columns are the world's first non-metal GC columns stable to 430°C. They utilize both a new polyimide resin coating material and a new bonding process to provide this high temperature performance. The increased column stability can be beneficial even for methods that don’t go up to 430°C. Even routine temperature ramps above 320°C can cause some GC columns to become brittle and high bleed. If these columns are stable to 430°C, imagine how long they will last at 320°C! First non-metal 5 % -phenyl 95 %-dimethylpolysiloxane phase stable to 430°C. Individually tested for low bleed and MS certified!
  • Rugged high temperature, polyimide coated, fused silica tubing
  • Provides true boiling point separation for hydrocarbon distillation methods
  • Low activity, provides good peak shape for acidic and basic samples
  • Provides robust column performance for high temperature bake outs