ZAP-cDNA /Gigapack III Kit by Agilent Technologies

ZAP-cDNA /Gigapack III Kit by Agilent Technologies product image
ZAP-cDNA /Gigapack III Kit
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The Lambda ZAP-CMV XR library construction kit uses a hybrid oligo(dT) linkerprimer that contains an Xho I restriction site. Messenger RNA is primed in the first-strand synthesis with the linkerprimer and is then reverse transcribed.

  •  Create large, highly-representational libraries
  •  Directional cloning reduces background
  •  Easy to amplify and screen your library
  •  Clone genes that are toxic in E.coli
  •  Rapidly convert from lambda to plasmid format using Lambda ZAP® Vectors
  •  Library Construction Kits include Gigapack III Gold packaging extract, for the highest packaging efficiencies