YSI 550A Dissolved oxygen meter

Manufacturer YSI Hydrodata Ltd

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YSI 550A Dissolved oxygen meter - Portable dissolved oxygen meter YSI 550A

The YSI 550A dissolved oxygen meter features a waterproof, impact-resistant case and innovative field-replaceable DO electrode modules. Measure dissolved oxygen and temperature simultaneously using YSI's proven polargraphic technology for oxygen and YSI Precision thermistors, the world wide standard
for accuracy.

Features of the YSI 550A DO meter include:

• Waterproof! Meets IP67 specifications
• Screw-on cap mambranes
• New PE membranes reduce stirring dependence
• Over 2000 hours battery life
• Calibrate in either mg/L or % saturation
• 3.5 and 7.5m cable lengths
• Three-year warranty on the instrument and one-year on the DO module

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