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Yeast Two-Hybrid Systems
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More than 18,000 studies have been published citing the use of the yeast two-hybrid system to investigate protein-protein interactions, and Clontech’s Matchmaker™ Systems have been by far the most popular.

Matchmaker™ Gold Systems are the highest performing incarnations of our Matchmaker product line, due to a combination of a new yeast strain (Y2HGold), stringent reporters, easy to use libraries, high-level expression vectors, and SMART™-based library construction kits.

In a Matchmaker GAL4-based two-hybrid assay, a bait protein is expressed as a fusion to the GAL4 DNA-binding domain (DNA-BD), while libraries of prey proteins are expressed as fusions to the GAL4 activation domain (AD; Fields & Song, 1989; Chien et al., 1991). When bait and library (prey) fusion proteins interact, the DNA-BD and AD are brought into proximity to activate transcription of four independent reporter genes (AUR1-C, ADE2, HIS3, and MEL1).

This technology can be used to:

•Identify novel protein interactions
•Confirm suspected interactions
•Define interacting domains

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