Yanus IV Digital Scan Head by FEI Munich GmbH

Manufacturer FEI Munich GmbH
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Yanus IV Digital Scan Head
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The Yanus IV Digital Scan Head is designed for fast scanning of a focused laser beam in the sample plane of a microscope. Typical applications are FRAP or photoactivation. The Yanus IV is used as:

• An accessory for the iMIC Digital Microscope and mounts on to the Polytrope Imaging-Mode Switch 
• A stand alone component to be integrated into an optical setup like multi-photon microscopy, optical tweezer, STED, etc.

As an iMIC accessory, the Yanus is perfectly supported by TILL's imaging software LA. Read here for a detailed descritption of the LA FRAP modul.

As stand alone component the Yanus can be controlled fully digital, an SDK is provided for this purpose. Alternatively scan positions can be controlled by an analog voltage.