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XtaLAB mini
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The new Rigaku XtaLAB mini benchtop X-ray crystallography system for automated three dimensional (3D) chemical structure determination is the latest in affordable single crystal X-ray diffraction.

Designed to automatically produce publication quality structures for researchers who have no special training in chemical crystallography, the system runs on standard wall power in all markets (110 VAC for North American models).

The Rigaku XtaLAB mini is a full-powered research grade chemical crystallography instrument that sits on the benchtop. No data quality compromises, no extended collection times. Results delivered are unambiguous. Obtaining high resolution 3D crystal structures of small molecules becomes routine with automation of previously difficult aspects of X-ray crystal structure determination, from data collection all the way through to a structure solution.

The expert will appreciate the complete set of tools for handling even the most difficult twinned or disordered samples.

XtaLAB mini Features:

  • Affordable design with low operating costs
  • Requires minimal training and support
  • Automatic structure solution software
  • Provides definitive structural information
  • Ideal supplement for a NMR spectrometer
  • Perfect self-serve departmental lab instrument
  • Ideal teaching instrument
  • Publication quality results
  • No special infrastructure required (110 VAC)
  • Optional cryosystem available