XploRA ONE Raman microscope by HORIBA Scientific

Manufacturer HORIBA Scientific

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XploRA ONE Raman microscope
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Do you need reliable chemical analysis of bulk and trace amounts of material in your Lab? The XploRA ONE Raman microscope from HORIBA Scientific rapidly identifies pharmaceutical API’s to Forensic trace evidence, Nanotubes to minerals with ONE-Click efficiency.

• chemical identification,
• quality testing,
• process/product troubleshooting,
• contamination and inclusion analysis,
• raw materials inspection,

The XPLORA ONE Raman microscope is an ideal system for research and industry offering high quality data, reliability and significant advantages over many other analytical techniques. Benefits not only include the range of samples that are suitable for analysis but also in the speed of analysis and the information content that is provided- saving both time and money and ensuring that your Raman analyses are extremely cost effective.

XploRA™ ONE incorporates unique and powerful research functions in an impressively compact analytical bench footprint- enabling the analysis of micron scale particles easily. Offering an integrated optical microscope and Confocal Raman spectrometer in one package means the user is able to identify a target sample or sample area quickly, analyse the sample faster and offer true non-destructive sample testing, preserving your sample no matter how delicate.
The Benefits of Raman microscopy:

• Non destructive
• Non-contact/ in-situ sampling
• Reduced sample Preparation
• Solid, Liquid, Water/Aqueous phase sampling
• Organic/Inorganic molecules
• Microscopic and Bulk sampling