XploRA INV - Inverted Raman Microscope by HORIBA Scientific

Manufacturer HORIBA Scientific

XploRA INV - Inverted Raman Microscope by HORIBA Scientific product image
XploRA INV - Inverted Raman Microscope
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Optimized Raman Solution for Life Sciences from HORIBA Scientific

The XpIoRA INV is an inverted Raman microscope designed specifically for use with biological samples requiring analysis from the bottom and/or open access to the sample from the top.

Like all other XpIoRA series of Raman microscopes, the INV features a small footprint, complete automation (autofocus, autoexposure, autovalidation, autocalibration), and ease of use.

• cell research
• disease detection
• characterisation of drug-cell interactions
• pharmaceutical verification of intercellular activities

In addition, the inverted geometry allows easy incorporation of AFM units for combined Raman-AFM and TERS (Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy) for highest spatial resolution sample visualisation.
The open structure of the XploRA INV also permits the use of virtually all options and add-ons for inverted microscopes, including micro manipulators and “optical tweezers”, specific enclosures for cell applications, etc.

The XploRA INV also offers the option to integrate the unique scanning capabilities of HORIBA’s patented DuoScan for rapid spectroscopic multichannel Raman imaging, as well as the new 3D FCI (Fast Confocal Imaging) module, which allows ultra-fast fluorescence imaging for visualisation and verification.