XploRA - Raman microscopy by HORIBA Scientific

Manufacturer HORIBA Scientific

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XploRA - Raman microscopy
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The XploRA™ is a new concept in Raman microscopy, bringing Raman chemical identification directly to your microscope. The XploRA can be coupled to both upright and inverted microscopes, allowing analysis of all sample types, ranging from semiconductors and nano-materials, through to biological cells and tissues.

The system provides the established performance of HORIBA Scientific Raman microscopes at a surprising price. Combining microscopy and chemical analysis the XploRA™ retains the full functionality of your microscope coupled with high performance Raman spectroscopy.

The concept of the XploRA™ is straightforward – a smarter microscopy. A compact, high performance Raman spectrometer is coupled to a research grade optical microscope (upright or inverted geometry), allowing both standard optical microscopy and detailed chemical analysis on a single system.

The unique design ensures full capability of the optical microscope, and complete flexibility, full automation and true research performance of the Raman analyzer.