Xpeel - Automated Microplate Seal Removal

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Rating: 2.7

  • Application Area: compound delivery

"Robust instrument, self-explanatory function, can be integrated into full automation platforms for full walk away of compound management. Expensive consumable. "

Review date: 22 Jan 2016 | Xpeel - Automated Microplate Seal Removal
Automated Microplate Seal Removal - The Brooks XPeel™ automatically removes seals from a wide range of plate types with the single touch of a button. Xpeel is a robust and elegantly simple automated system, which eliminates the need for repetitive manual removal or plate seals.

As the industry-standard automated microplate “de-sealer,” the Brooks XPeel provides the “gold standard” operating model (no lids) for automated seal removal to support reliable operation and maximize sample integrity.

Key Features
• Handles a wide variety of plates and seals – eliminates need for lids thus improving sample integrity
• Stand-alone system or integrated operation - allows fully automated seal removal in wide variety of environments thus preventing the cross contamination, repetitive motion injuries, and plate/seal damage characteristic of manual seal removal operations
• Patented XTape® removal medium - eliminates need for “mechanical” removal mechanisms which are prone to failure resulting in highly reliable operation