XL2000 Microson Ultrasonic Homogenize by Labcaire Systems Ltd

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XL2000 Microson Ultrasonic Homogenize

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XL-2000 Microson Ultrasonic Homogenize has a selector switch on the front panel which allows the operator to activate a thumb switch on the hand-held convertor to manually pulse the energy transmitted to the probe. This feature provides greater control for the operator. It replaces the available foot-activated switch when pulsing of the sample is desired.

The improved load monitoring and frequency tracking features guarantee that the probe operates more efficiently to deliver consistant sonication intensity at any given amplitude (power) setting which results in shorter processing times and greater sample-to-sample consistency. The built-in wattmeter and digital LCD display provide an accurate, continuous readout of the power delivered to the probe allowing the operator to easily monitor sample processing.

Various probes are available for processing different sample volumes and a Micro Cup Horn allows for the safe processing of hazardous or pathogenic samples inside of sealed vials.

Primarily Used for Biological Research and In Analytical and Quality Control Labs To:

  • Disrupt cells and subcellular organelles
  • Form liposomes, microsomes, and stable emulsions
  • Catalyze chemical reactions for sonochemistry research
  • Facilitate extractions and degas samples prior to instrumental analysis
  • Mix and homogenize samples for Q.C. analysis
  • Break open tablets for dissolution tests
  • Focused cleaning of intricate parts, injection ports, restrictor valves, nozzles and filters