Xevo G2 QTof

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Xevo G2 QTof
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Xevo G2 QTof - Access High Performance. Routinely. For scientists who need to confidently identify, quantify and confirm unknown compounds in complex samples, the Xevo® G2 QTof mass spectrom...read more

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Kevin Kent


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Review date: 24 Dec 2013

Application Area: Polymer Analysis
Xevo G2 QTof

"The Xevo has allowed me to all of the LC/MS and MS type experiments that I've wanted to do on polymers, except for MALDI of course. I've done APCI and ESI for ion generation, positive and negative polarity MS, and MS/MS with several different types of LC. I really like the MassLynx software ease of use, and I'm constantly finding new features that are really useful for data exploration. Waters customer service is excellent on the phone and in person. I wish you could do positive and negative polarity MS in the same chromatographic run. "



Xevo G2 QTof - Access High Performance. Routinely.

For scientists who need to confidently identify, quantify and confirm unknown compounds in complex samples, the Xevo® G2 QTof mass spectrometer, with UPLC®/MSE and QuanTof technology, offers unparalleled sensitivity with exceptional levels of selectivity, in-spectrum dynamic range, speed of analysis, quantitative accuracy and exact mass performance simultaneously for any experiment, whether UPLC/MS, MSE or MS/MS.

The Xevo G2 QTof delivers UPLC/FastDDA: rapid, automated, intelligent exact mass MS/MS for full structural characterization and isobaric labelling quantiative proteomics experiments.

So whether your focus is on biopharmaceutical characterization, metabolite profiling, forensic toxicology, food analysis, environmental research or proteomics studies, Xevo G2 QTof provides the highest quality, most comprehensive information, enabling you to make the right decisions, quickly and confidently.

Xevo G2 QTof Features:

  • QuanTof technology - For the most senstitive, exact mass, quantitative and qualitative benchtop MS/MS system
  • UPLC/MSE - A simple, patented method of data acquisition that comprehensively catalogs complex samples ina  single analysis.
  • UPLC/MS/MS - Full scan exact mass MS/MS for targeted qualitative and quantitative for analyses.
  • FastDDA (Fast Data Directed Analysis) - Rapid, automated, intelligent MS/MS data acquisition for full structural characterization as well as isobaric labelling quantiative proteomics experiments.
  • Universal Ion Source Architecture - The most extensive range of interface capabilities to service the broadest range of applications.
  • Engineered Simplicity - Guarantees maximum system performance and usability.


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