XenoWorks Digital Microinjector by Sutter Instrument Co.

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XenoWorks Digital Microinjector
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Designed primarily for transgenic mammal workstations, the XenoWorks Digital Microinjector is capable of holding oocytes and early embryos immobile while simultaneously providing a separate pressure channel for pronuclear microinjection of DNA or the gentle control of embryonic stem cells as they are transferred into blastocysts.

Features of the XenoWorks Digital Microinjector:

• Built-in compressor with remote user interface
• Two independent pressure channels
• Negative and positive pressure
• Two injection modes: pulse and continuous
• Four functions: Hold, Transfer, Inject, Clear
• Transfer channel provides compensation pressure for high pressure injection
• Four range settings for transfer/compensation pr
• Rotary controls for continuous pressure adjustment

Common Applications of the XenoWorks Digital Microinjector:

• Zygote pronuclear DNA microinjection
• Embryonic stem cell transfer into blastocyst
• Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
• Piezo-assisted ICSI
• Microinjection of cultured, adherent cells
• Somatic cell nuclear transfer