XenoWorks™ Analog Microinjector by Sutter Instrument Co.

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XenoWorks™ Analog Microinjector
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XenoWorks™ Analog Microinjector has been designed with ease of troubleshooting in mind. While fluid-filled hydraulic microinjectors are the most responsive method of manipulating cells and cellular components, over time they can develop leaks and air bubbles which need to be sealed or purged.

The design of the Analog Microinjector allows the tubing to be easily separated from the syringe and main injector body and stripped to its components; tubing and connectors. Parts such as spare tubing are readily available from Sutter (spare tubing and fittings are supplied with each injector) and are quick and simple to fit using commonly available Luer-lock and ferrule connectors. Tubing length can be altered according to users' needs and ancillary devices such as three-way valves may be fitted so that, for example, a single injector can control two micropipettes (for applications such as blastomere biopsy).

The Analog Microinjector comes equipped with either a 100µl, 500µl or 1000µl syringe as requested.

Features of the XenoWorks™ Analog Microinjector:

• Highly stable, drift-free
• Coaxial coarse and fine displacement (10:1 ratio) for fast filling and precision control
• Effective with oil, air and water
• Interchangeable syringes allow sensitivity to be modifie
• Adjustable height control

Common applications of the XenoWorks™ Analog Microinjector:

• Zygote pronuclear DNA microinjection
• Embryonic stem cell transfer into blastocyst
• Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
• Piezo-assisted ICSI
• Microinjection of cultured, adherent cells
• Somatic cell nuclear transfer