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XDS Transmission OptiProbe Analyzer
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XDS Transmission OptiProbe Analyzer - With the XDS Transmission OptiProbe™ Analyzer you can replace routine tests, reduce product hold time, and minimize laboratory analysis time.

The Foss NIRsystems XDS Transmission OptiProbe Analyzer is designed for laboratory monitoring of aqueous products, clear liquids and solvents, as well as viscous samples. The OptiProbe is well suited for process scale-up applications and at-line measurements.

Viscous samples can be easily analyzed with this analyzer using disposable vials, which reduces the amount of cleanup time. With the optional Vial Heater Module the system also provides unattended sample temperature equilibration (up to 200°C) prior to data analysis, which increases laboratory efficiency.

XDS NIR technology offers the most advanced analyzer performance and instrument matching to facilitate method development, minimize implementation time and ensure seamless method transferability. Identification, qualitative and quantitative methods are easily derived with the advanced, user-friendly, networkable Vision™ software.

The XDS Transmission OptiProbe Analyzer offers: 

• XDS NIR technology ensures ease-of-use and seamless method transferability 
• Rugged analyzer for warehouse or plant operation 
• No sample preparation, no reagents, no waste 
• Network-ready analyzer for centralized database management 
• Hot-swappable modules - change modules in minutes with no compromise in performance