XDC-96 PRO Automated Whole Rack Tube Capper/Decapper

Manufacturer FluidX Ltd.

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The Xdc-96pro is a compact, high speed, whole rack tube decapper that can automatically remove and dispose of the TPE septum caps from a full 96 tube rack in less than 10 seconds.

XDC-96 PRO Automated Whole Rack Tube Capper/Decapper Features:

  • Can be used as a stand alone system with the simple to use membrane keypad
  • Simple integration into automated systems using the RS232 or Windows ® driver provided.
  • Purge module. Inert gas layered straight over the sample after decapping and prior to recapping.
  • Protects sensitive samples from humidity and oxygene. Ensures storage in dry, inert atmosphere.
  • Air blade. Prevents the waste chute from becoming clogged when caps are disposed.