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Rating: 4.3

"We have been using the system for drug discovery and in the CIM plates developing process. Now the impedance system is used in the personalized medicine domain, we are testing primary cultures from patients. The system is very easy to use and it gives you real-time results."

Review date: 30 Aug 2011 | xCELLigence System
Roche Applied Science in partnership with ACEA Biosciences Inc. presents the xCELLigence Sytem for real-time, label-free, cellular analysis.

The xCELLigence System monitors cellular events in real time without the incorporation of labels by measuring electrical impedance across interdigitated micro-electrodes integrated on the bottom of tissue culture E-Plates. The impedance measurement provides quantitative information about the biological status of the cells, including cell number, viability, and morphology. A wide range of cell-based assays for both high throughput screening and research laboratory environments can be performed on the xCELLigence System.

Generate dynamic real-time data that:

 - Enables discovery not possible with end point analysis
 - Focuses assay development
 - Improves attrition rates