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The new generation Xcalibur builds upon the popularity of Agilent's (formerly Oxford Diffraction's) original system for in-house small molecule crystal structure determination.

The new Xcalibur has a 4-circle kappa goniometer mounted with a fine focus molybdenum or copper Enhance X-ray source and one of our unique S2 CCD detectors. Our user-friendly CrysAlisPro software can fully automate your crystallography experiments and produce accurate molecular structures in just three clicks.


  • Single wavelength molybdenum (Mo) or copper (Cu) fine focus Enhance X-ray source
  • Typically configured with either the Eos S2 (for highest sensitivity) or Atlas S2 CCD detector (for high sensitivity and more data-per-image)
  • 4-circle kappa goniometer that allows easy crystal mounting and alignment
  • The Xcalibur is compatible with all commonly-available cryogenic and sample heating devices, including Oxford Instruments' Cryojet5, Oxford Cryosystems' Cryostream 700 and Agilent's Helijet (for experiments as low as 15 K)
  • CrysAlisPro software for user-friendly automation and expert data collection and processing
  • Optional AutoChem software plug-in for fully automated structure solution and refinement during data collection
  • Housed in a fully safety interlocked radiation-proof cabinet
  • Compact system, with modular components for easy maintenance, servicing and upgrades
  • Upgradable to a dual wavelength Gemini system by addition of a second Enhance X-ray source