X-tremeGENE siRNA Transfection Reagent by Roche Applied Science - a member of the Roche Group

X-tremeGENE siRNA Transfection Reagent by Roche Applied Science - a member of the Roche Group product image
X-tremeGENE siRNA Transfection Reagent
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X-tremeGENE siRNA Transfection Reagent efficiently delivers short interfering RNA (siRNA) into many commonly used cell types including HeLa, NIH 3T3, HEK-293, CHO-K1, and COS-7, and several hard-to-transfect cell lines such as HT29, a human adenocarcinoma cell line.

When used for cotransfection-based gene knockdown, X-tremeGENE siRNA Transfection Reagent enables significant protein expression and effective knockdown levels due to its high transfection efficiency.

The X-tremeGENE siRNA Transfection Reagent is intended for research applications only.
For the most current list of successfully transfected cell types, visit www.powerful-transfection.com.

  • The X-tremeGENE siRNA Transfection Reagent delivers all the benefits of high transfection efficiency, low cytotoxicity, and the capability of transfecting a broad range of cell types.
  • Perform effective gene knockdown: Transfect with high efficiency to study the cellular and functional consequences of gene silencing – achieve over 90% gene knockdown in many different cell types.
  • Maximize flexibility: Use a single reagent for siRNA- and co-transfection-based gene-knockdown experiments.
  • Generate meaningful results: Employ a reagent with minimal cellular cytotoxicity to ensure that observed cellular effects are due to the transfected siRNA and not the transfection procedure.
  • Benefit from an easy-to-use reagent: Effectively silence genes in just two easy steps, increase your productivity, and extend your resources.

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