WorksBase Software for Proteomics — Advanced Database Software for Life Science Research Information Management

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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WorksBase software for proteomics is an integrated database system for biological research. WorksBase provides a client-server platform to store, organize, and analyze scientific data, and its open architecture design ensures compatibility with future technology and system developments. The software is ideally suited to provide data tracking and analysis, for needs ranging from the laboratory notebook through bioinformatic analysis. It also serves as a platform for integration of user-generated information with reference databases.

Database and System Integration

WorksBase contains a data warehouse that integrates customer data with reference data. WorksBase allows both user additions to reference data and direct incorporation of reference database annotations into research results. WorksBase software for proteomics is seamlessly integrated with all aspects of the ProteomeWorks system, including laboratory hardware and software from both Bio-Rad and Micromass. WorksBase automatically collects laboratory tracking and protein expression data from PDQuest software, the ProteomeWorks spot cutter, and the Micromass MassLynx, ProteinLynx, and Global SERVER software systems.

Sample Tracking and Data Analysis

Query and reporting tools in this software support sample identification and tracking, protein identification, expression analysis, and bioinformatics queries.

Open Architecture Design

WorksBase operates with Oracle, the industry-standard relational database system, and provides a data warehouse schema that integrates proteomics with gene expression, genomic, biochemical pathway, protein-protein interaction, and many other types of data.