WNB / WNE / WPE Waterbaths by Memmert GmbH + Co. KG

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WNB / WNE / WPE Waterbaths
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Engineered for precise test procedures and maximum safety: The Memmert waterbath, optionally in combination with the unique Peltier cooling unit. The basic facts: Temperature range up to + 95 °C, with Peltier-cooling from + 95 °C, model sizes from 7 to 45 litres.

The Memmert Basic class is suited for standard temperature control tasks, while the excellent version provides precise test procedures with a maximum of safety: electronic overtemperature control and a wide range of visual and acoustic signals; for example if the filling level is too low, for overtemperature, but also for input acknowledgement or to signalise the end of the programme. In the largest model, an optional circulation pump provides an even better thermal uniformity of the water.

The space-saving Peltier cooling unit CDP 115 cools the medium water in the bath down to 10 °C precisely, economically and in an eco-friendly way. The benefits: No gases or coolants required, and therefore no hazardous waste, exceptionally quiet and smooth-running because of the Peltier technology, high degree of control precision in combination with the electronic controller of the Memmert waterbath.

WNB / WNE / WPE Waterbaths Features:

  • Temperature range up to +95 °C (with Peltier cooling unit CDP 115 from +10 °C)
  • 6 model sizes (7l to 45l)
  • An extensive range of optional accessories is available: e.g. a Peltier cooling unit, flat or gable lid, shaking device, floor grid, test tube rack
  • State-of-the-art control technology of the Basic and Excellent performance classes for all models
  • Can be optionally equipped with water level control