Wizard® SV 96 Plasmid DNA Purification System

Manufacturer Promega Corp.
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The Wizard® SV 96 Plasmid DNA Purification System(a) allows the purification of up to 96 plasmid minipreps in less than 60 minutes. The procedure can be performed manually or can be adapted for use with automated instruments. The purified plasmid DNA is suitable for use in automated fluorescent sequencing using a number of different chemistries including BigDye™ terminator chemistry.

The SV 96 system contains all the reagents necessary for purification of plasmid DNA, including:
  • 96 Well Culture Plates-- allowing growth of up to 96 x 1.5ml cultures at a time
  • Lysate Clearing Plates-- providing a rapid alternative to centrifugation for removal of cellular material from bacterial lysates without centrifugation
  • DNA Binding Plates-- purifying high quality plasmid DNA