Whitley Automated Spiral Plater (WASP)

Manufacturer Don Whitley Scientific  |   Model: S00600  |  Available Worldwide
  |  1 reviews
Spiral plater

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Average Rating: 2.7
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Rating: 2.7

  • Application Area: aerobic colony counts

"It is not easy to calibrate, but once calibrated it is easy to use. It is an expensive piece of equipment and requires care."

Review date: 22 Sep 2014 | Whitley Automated Spiral Plater (WASP)

Manufacturer's Response

“For users who have to calibrate on a regular basis DWS provides a technical note (also available from our distributors worldwide) to assist in this process. We have sold in excess of 1000 WASP units and know of some models that are over 20 years old and still in good working order. The price of this equipment has reduced significantly in recent years and the initial cost should be considered in line with the cost savings in not having to prepare serial dilutions.”
The Whitley Automated Spiral Plater (WASP) eliminates serial dilutions. It offers a real reduction in the cost per test and standardises counting methods. It is used in the food industry to test for safe levels of bacteria and as a quality assurance and research tool in pharmaceuticals, water and dental.

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Whitley Automated Spiral Plater (WASP)

Manufacturer Don Whitley Scientific  |  Available Worldwide

2.7 / 5.0 | 1 reviews