Whatman UNIFILTER 96 well microplates

Manufacturer GE Healthcare

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Whatman UNIFILTER microplates with 96 filter-bottom wells are convenient and ready to use. The glass filled polypropylene construction of the 2 ml UNIFILTER microplate permits chemical and heat resistant operation. The proprietary drip director design of Whatman UNIFILTER microplates ensures precise collection of the filtrate to allow for further processing and analysis.
The filtration is performed simultaneously by using a vacuum pump together with the UniVac™ 3 collection manifold which enables the filtered sample to be collected for further analysis.

Whatman pierceable capmats can protect samples and improve productivity. Designed to provide a secure positive seal for each individual well, these high quality, reusable closures are produced using chemically resistant biosafe silicone rubber which is stable over a broad range of temperatures.

Features and benefits
•  Automation friendly design – SBS footprint and geometry permit automatic handling of the plates
•  No cross-talk - integral filter design prevents well-to-well cross contamination
•  No sample contamination - the housing is made from HPLC grade polypropylene to prevent elution of additives

•  HPLC sample preparation of large quantity, small volume samples

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Whatman UNIFILTER 96 well microplates

Manufacturer GE Healthcare

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