Whatman Polycap SPF capsule filters

Manufacturer GE Healthcare

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GE Healthcare's Whatman Polycap SPF capsule filters:
Serum contains a high level of complex particulates: lipids, triglycerides, and lipoproteins. These particulates could cause rapid clogging of the final filter.
Polycap SPF capsule filters include a stack of filtration media which creates an innovative total filter concept able to retain various size particulates. Used inline with Polycap TC and Polycap AS, the Polycap
SPF will prolong the life of these filtration devices.

Features and benefits of Whatman Polycap SPF capsule filters:
•  Three layers of special media: fine and ultrafine glass microfiber (GMF) and polyethersulfone membrane
•  Ideal for hard-to-filter solutions such as serums and protein solutions
•  Able to be sterilized by autoclaving with steam
•  Manufactured under ISO manufacturing system
•  Suitable for filtering serums, viral suspensions, nutrients, biologicals, immunologicals, enzymes and buffers
•  Prefilters help extend the life of the final filter

Applications Whatman Polycap SPF capsule filters:
•  Biologicals
•  Buffers
•  Diagnostic standards
•  Enzymes
•  Immunologicals
•  Nutrients
•  Serum prefiltration
•  Tissue culture media
•  Viral suspensions