Weighing Terminal Combics Pro

Manufacturer Sartorius Group

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Clear display for reliable operation

Above all, today’s advanced weighing equipment has to feature reliable operation on several levels: whether during daily routine use, in demanding, hygienic applications, in complex networks, or as a stand-alone unit – only simple and intuitive operation of the weighing terminal can ensure error-free handling and reliable processes. Sartorius, a technology company based in Goettingen, Germany, has consistently implemented this requirement into its new Combics Pro terminal.

• High-contrast, backlit color graphics display, with 20mm display for weight readouts with status indicators, bargraph
• Alphanumeric keypad with “ABC” input
• 5 Softkeys
• Large keys with positive click action and acoustic confirmation
• Data Interface RS232, Ethernet and PS/2 as standard
• Up to 62 Platforms/Scales connectable via xBPI-Protocol
• With optional application programs (e. g. counting, batching, manual recipe, filling, truck scale applications)
• Programmable