Waters® System for Protein Characterization

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Rating: 4.3

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"The utility of the software is very good with lots of capabilities. It does tend to loose communication between instrument and computer regularly."

Review date: 23 Apr 2012 | Waters® System for Protein Characterization
To confidently identify proteins and post-translational modifications (PTM), proteomics researchers require LCn/MS/MS systems with high sensitivity, accuracy and operational versatility. The Waters® System for Protein Characterization, incorporating the CapLC® Pump and Autosampler, the Micromass® Q-Tof microÔ Mass Spectrometer, Symmetry® Column Chemistries and ProteinLynxÔ Global SERVER 2.0 Bio-informatics Software, means this powerful benchtop LC/MS/MS system is easy to use with the analytical versatility you require for characterizing the proteome.