Water Analysis Complete by Metrohm AG

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Water Analysis Complete

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Straightforward determination of standard anions, oxyhalides and cations in drinking water, waste water, etc.

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1 x MagIC NetTM
1 x Ultrafiltration
1 x Metrosep A Supp 7
1 x Inline Eluent Preparation

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This all-in-one system exemplifies the state-of-the-art in water analysis by ion chromatography. Besides the standard anions and oxyhalides, this system also enables the parallel detection of cations.

With Water Analysis Complete, the ultimate capabilities and flexibility of Metrohm’s intelligent ion chromatography are at your disposal: you can implement alternative detection methods such as UV/VIS, you can run gradient applications and you can heat up or cool down the column, as required by the application.

An 858 Professional Sample Processor and a rack with 148 positions for 1- mL-samples means even large sample series can be pro cessed fast and completely unattended.

User benefits:

  • Intelligent and compact system with maximum flexibility
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Self-monitoring components (iColumn, iPump, etc.)
  • Complies with GLP and FDA requirements
  • Fully automated sample preparation by Inline Ultrafiltration
  • Inline Eluent Preparation
  • Optimized applications by heated up or cooled down separation columns
  • Gradient application