Washer/Dispenser II by GNF Systems

Manufacturer GNF Systems

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Washer/Dispenser II
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The GNF Systems WDII is designed for uncompromising plate washing performance in a liquid handling device.

It performs the most demanding tasks with ease, including fast, accurate, precise reagent dispensing and gentle liquid aspiration that are all user tunable. Combined, this functionality minimizes cell disruption and empowers you to perform sophisticated assays & screens not possible with other plate washers.

This device is available as a bench-top system or integrated into a GNF Systems automation platform. Easily maintained and configurable with multiple fluid paths, this device offers control over many plate related washing and cell dispensing parameters. Moreover, it provides the finesse often needed to successfully perform the most sensitive assays and screens.

Washer/Dispenser - II Features:

  • Versatile ANSI/SBS microtiter plate support - Capabilities for 1536, 384 & 96 well plates
  • User customizable protocols - Complex assay formats enabled
  • Unmatched reliability & robustness - 24/7 uptime and unattended operation
  • Fast dispensing capabilities - 1536 well plate dispensed in < 25 seconds
  • Flexible dispense options - Any tip dispenses any volume into any well
  • Gentle cell handling - Fine control of dispense/aspirate parameters

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