VT-QLC100 Spinning Disc Confocal Scanners

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The VT-QLC100® spinning disc confocal scanner is based on dual disc confocal technology and offers high speed real-time performance.

This confocal scans at a speed of 360 frames per second, allowing capture and analysis of cellular and physiological processes in real-time. VT-QLC100 is compatible with any camera technology. This is because a standard C-mount connects the VT-QLC100 to any inverted or upright microscope. This technology facilitates switching rapidly between different cameras and different microscopes, to suit the target application.

A microlens array fitted in VT-QLC100 increases the light transmission, so weak fluorescent samples can be imaged. Increased light transmission means that smaller pinholes are used, which increases image resolution.

The QLC100's self-aligning optics eliminate complicated set-up procedures. Optical superimposition of confocal images onto non-confocal images makes the QLC100 the first choice for usability.