VT-Infinity3 confocal scanner by VisiTech International

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VT-Infinity3 confocal scanner

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The VT-Infinity3, from VisiTech International, is a breakthrough in multi-beam confocal scanning. It combines ultra high speed confocal imaging with patented selectable pinholes to provide users with optimal imaging conditions at all objective magnifications.

Nanoscale technology is used to adjust 2500 pinholes producing high resolution confocal imaging at unparalleled speeds, without compromising flexibility.

Advantages of this confocal scanner

  • Real-time confocal imaging at speeds of up to 1000 fps. This coupled with the 3D-RTTM module supports ‘on-demand’ 3D reconstruction of experimental data as it is being acquired.
  • The low photo-bleaching characteristics permit long duration experiments of photosensitive samples, with minimal phototoxic effects.
  • Selectable pinhole sizes permit users to vary the degree of confocality and throughput to match their experiment requirements for optimal imaging conditions.
  • The VT-Infinity3 is a fully self aligning system. The dichroics and filters can be exchanged on-site; there is no requirement for factory returns in order to change the dichroic/filter configuration. The patented dichroic design requires no alignment of the dichroics to maintain image registration.
  • Fully integrated intelligent speed control provides perfect synchronisation between scanner, camera and other devices. Random striping and field to field intensity variations associated with other technologies are a thing of the past. This also makes easy work of synchronising frame transfer cameras, preventing the appearance of image streaking associated with other solutions.
  • When integrated with VisiTech International’s AOTF technology it provides complete control and seamless integration of illumination and acquisition.