VT-Hawk high precision confocal scanner

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The VT-Hawk® from VisiTech International combines a high precision point scanning FRAP module within a multi-beam confocal imaging scanner.

VT-Hawk is the latest version of the 'Infinity' release of confocal scanners. It combines a high precision point scanning FRAP (Fluroscence Recovery After Photobleaching) module within a multi-beam confocal imaging scanner. The fully integrated VT-HAWK switches the laser input and the scanning optics between imaging and FRAP (or FLIP, PA and photo-conversion) modes within milliseconds, enabling accurate quantitation of the fluorescence intensity dynamics in precise, user defined, regions of the image.

By selectively photobleaching a small region of a living cell and observing the rate at which fluorescence returns to that region gives an indication of protein synthesis and translocation. With its fast scanning ability, the VT-Hawk confocal can photobleach multiple user defined areas extremely quickly. By measuring the intensity recovery over time at several regions of interest users are able to generate kinetic data with high temporal resolution.

With VT-Hawk, the transition from photo-bleach mode to the imaging mode happens within milliseconds. The FRAP module is totally contained within the VT-Hawk confocal head and thus requires no additional valuable bench space