VT-Eye Ultra fast AOD based confocal scanner

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The VT-Eye® from VisiTech International is a breakthrough in confocal imaging for the life science community.

This product takes confocal point-scanners to the next level, using the AOD technology. Using the novel Acousto-Optic Deflector (or abbreviated as AOD) technology, the VT-Eye allies ultra-fast scanning and acquisition with high resolution confocal imaging to deliver a system that sets new standards in real-time live-cell confocal microscopy. The incorporation of the AOD technology in VT-Eye allows for high speed beam deflection without having to steer any parts for scanning the X-axis. The result is a confocal laser scanning microscope that scans at up to 50,000 lines per second. Ultra-fast image capture rates of 400 frames per second and above offer the ability to capture clear images of diverse dynamic events such as Calcium puffs, sparks and waves in Life Sciences and particle movement in fluid flows in Materials Science.

The flexibility to image a sample using multi-wavelength, from Ultra Violet through the visible to the near Infra Red, aids in the study of fluroscent proteins, protein expression, and protein-protein interaction. VT-Eye operates with almost any laser or combination of lasers using the Acousto Optical Tuneable Filter (AOTF) technology to provide fast laser line selection of different excitation wavelengths.

Multiple ROI's, of any shape, are used to generate simple and complex masks for illuminating small portions of the field of view, which may be used for viewing some cells without illuminating their neighbours. The image mask may also be used to photobleach selected multiple regions while retaining the unmasked image for viewing the whole area. This offers many possibilities for FRAP and FLIP type experiments.