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VoxCell Scan
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VoxCell Scan® is a dedicated live cell imaging software from VisiTech International that enables the users of VT-Hawk, VT-QLC, VT-Eye, and Infinity series of products to have automated control of their hardware.

VoxCell Scan was designed to provide maximum image acquisition performance by tightly integrating the software with the confocal head and other hardware used for confocal imaging. Its easy-to-use interface enables the users to perform the most complex operation in just a few simple clicks.

With VoxCell, complex experiments can be built from simple elements which describe the hardware set-up and various captures in their entirety, ensuring that experiments can be repeated time after time. The resulting image data and associated experiment data are stored together ensuring that no data is lost or mislaid. Images and data can be freely exported to other industry standard formats, such as .TIF, and this data can be imported into other image analysis and spreadsheet packages for further analysis.

VoxCell supports wide range of digital cameras from vendors, including Hamamatsu, Roper Scientific (Photonics), Vision Research etc. The software enables integrated control and capture of images from as many as four cameras simultaneously. Live images from these cameras can be viewed both before and during an experiment execution or capture. The camera controls are accessible from a common interface allowing the user to switch cameras without having to learn the interface again.

VoxCell also enables automated control of microscopes from Nikon and Leica, and various focus controllers. The software provides the users with the feature to control the XY-stage and Z-stage for the acquisition of images at regularly spaced intervals.