Vortex Vacuum Concentrator by Andreas Hettich GmbH

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Vortex Vacuum Concentrator

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The Hettich Vortex Vacuum Concentrator has the ability to remove solvents faster than conventional centrifugal evaporators. With its large stainless steel sample chamber and adjustable ceramic heaters, CombiDancer (The Hettich Vortex Vacuum Concentrator) efficiently removes solvent without “bumping”.

Other advantages include:

• Power adjustable Ceramic Infra Red heaters built into the lid of the CombiDancer
• Interior chamber wall heating to prevent condensation
• An optional base plate heater with a range of 20 to 40 oC
• No centrifugation
• No balancing of samples
• Mix microplates with tubes or vials during the evaporation process
• Custom racks available and magnetically coupled to drive mechanism
• Viewing of sample without disturbing vacuum
• Vortexing to facilitate solvent removal
• 3 to 10 times faster than current methods
• 99 program capacity, with 20 linkable in a run
• Robotic friendly
• Intelligent Variable Vacuum Pump
• Handling of difficult solvent mixtures such as Azeotropes
• 3.3 Liter, -50oC, Refrigerated Cold Trap for easy solvent recovery