VisionHT LC Media Platform by Grace Davison Discovery Sciences

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VisionHT LC Media Platform

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Different Systems, Different Applications, One Media Platform

• Maximize Speed and Resolution - High-throughput technologies for all systems.

• Simplify Separation Strategies - Complementary phase chemistries.

• Improve Laboratory Efficiency - Seamless method transfer between UHPLC, HPLC, and Prep.

To address the fundamental shift from HPLC to fast LC, Grace Davison Discovery Sciences combined it’s silica knowledge and sub-2um expertise to create a column family that delivers performance and speed on all your instruments.

VisionHT seamless media platform is available in 1.5, 3, 5 and 10um particle sizes in six different phase selectivities which span the full polarity spectrum. Identical base silica and bonding chemistries used across all particle diameters offer simple method transfer between UHPLC, HPLC and preparative systems. Through the combination of Sub 2um technology and high throughput formats, VisionHT columns also enable increased productivity via faster separations, higher resolution and increased sensitivity. Now, separate complex samples with excellent resolution on any LC system.

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