Vision Life Science Spectrophotometer

Manufacturer Hoefer Inc. Europe

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The Vision diode array spectrophotometer offers 16 predefined methodologies for nucleic acid quantification (DNA, RNA, and oligonucleotides), protein assays (BCA, Biuret, Bradford, and Lowry) and for cell culture density measurements. Additionally, the Vision can accomodate up to 90 custom protocols.

The visualization of the nucleic acid scan with the full graphic display is particularly useful, especially for RNA samples where impurities may be present in the 230 nm region, yet not have an adverse effect on the A260/A280 ratio. The combination of the life science methods with the rapid scanning, kinetics, and concentration capabilities of the Vision make it a very useful addition to any molecular biology laboratory. In kinetics mode, the basic plot of absorbance against time may be supplemented with the result for äA/min plus the correlation coefficient is also calculated for the duration of the assay. This slope may be multiplied automatically by a factor to convert it directly to rate of reaction.