Viscotek 270max by Malvern Panalytical

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Viscotek 270max

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Rating: 3.3

  • Application Area: Light scattering, analysis of polymer solutions

"Very convenient sample preparation, thermostat available and allows fast change of temperature. Operation software very straight forward, it features a huge database of physical constants. Only allows processing of one sample at a time."

Review date: 09 Jul 2012 | Viscotek 270max
A complete, temperature controlled, affordable RI, Viscometer and Light Scattering, triple-detector GPC/SEC system.

The Viscotek 270max is a complete, column temperature controlled, multi-detector GPC/SEC system suitable for the routine characterization of proteins, natural and synthetic polymers, copolymers and other macromolecules.

The 270max consists of a selection of modules – the GPCmax integrated solvent and sample delivery module, the TDA 305 Light Scattering detector and Viscometer module, RI detector and column oven, plus the same powerful OmniSEC software used in the TDAmax research system.

Viscotek 270max Features:

  • Absolute molecular weight of small polymers, protein stability and protein aggregation using
  • Right angle light scattering (RALS)
  • Direct output of absolute molecular weight of polymers without extrapolation using Low angle light scattering (LALS)
  • Column oven to give repeatable elution profiles
  • Autosampler incorporated to increase throughput and improve repeatability
  • Protein and polymer structure (including branching) information using intrinsic viscosity detector
  • Molecular size in terms of hydrodynamic diameter (Rh) and the radius of gyration (Rg)
  • Copolymer composition usingphoto-diode array UV detector
  • Advanced GPC/SEC software capable of going from data to results in just two clicks
  • 3D absorption plot for chemical identification of each component
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant