ViscoSystem® AVS 470 by Schott Instruments GmbH

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ViscoSystem® AVS 470
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That’s New: “Suction” and “Pressure” Measurement s With Just One Instrument, No need for a PC

The ViscoSystem® AVS 470 is the first viscosity measuring device that allows “suction” and “pressure” measurements completely independent of a PC. This makes for maximum independence and flexibility, allowing you to set up a measuring station that meets highest requirements even under difficult conditions, e.g. to monitor production or control quality in the polymers and mineral oil industry.

Perfectly Equipped For Fully Automatic Viscosity Measurements

The new ViscoSystem ® AVS 470 is a measuring system that includes almost ever ything you need to take precise and reproducible measurements. All common types of viscosity calculation are already integrated into the device, a small PS2 keyboard is all you need to enter additional data. A serial printer can be used to conveniently document your measuring results. So, in a minimum of space, you can set up a measuring station equal in every way to complex measuring installations in terms of precision and reproducibility.

Simple and updateable Modular Concept

The ViscoSystem® AVS 470 is of a modular design and an optional optical or TC version ViscoPump II module can be used to adapt your measuring station to new requirements at any time. You can use your existing accessories such as thermostats, stands or flow-through coolers with the ViscoSystem® AVS 470. Also, virtually all customary capillary viscometers can be used.