ViscoSystem® AVS 370 by Schott Instruments GmbH

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ViscoSystem® AVS 370
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Anyone working with the ViscoSystem® AVS 370 is per fectly equipped for all tasks involved in determining viscosity using capillary viscometers.

How to automatically achieve the right results

PC-controlled, the ViscoSystem® AVS 370 determines the time which the liquid to be examined requires to flow through the measuring distance in the capillary viscometer with quartz precision. The time is displayed with a resolution of 0.01 s (1 digit).

Measurement of the flow time of the liquid’s meniscus can be scanned optoelectronically or with TC sensors. (During optoelectronic scanning the meniscus is detected by glass light fibres, with TC sensors the sensor detects the different thermal conductivity of the sample and air.) Therefore the ViscoSystem® AVS 370 offers an extraordinary broad field of uses, which range from viscosity measurement of clear fluids through to black or fully opaque liquids.