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Issued from Magnetofection™ technology, ViroMag is a specific formulation designed to be used in association with all viral vectors and for many transduction applications. For the first time, scientists will be able to increase transduction efficiency, infect non permissive cells, concentrate virus onto cells or in culture medium or synchronize infection without modification of the viruses, just by associating ViroMag reagent to the viral vectors. ViroMag is the only reagent available offering a solution to such applications. ViroMag is a unique and specific reagent dedicated to all viral applications. This reagent demonstrates an exceptionally high efficiency to promote, control and assist viral transductions. The conducted studies have shown that ViroMag increases transduction efficiency, concentrates viral dose, promotes and accelerates the infection process, improves viral infectious capacity, extends the host tropisms of viral vectors to non-permissive cells, allows the synchronization of the transduction and can provide a magnetic targeting.