Viper - Automated Plate Stacker by kbiosystems Limited

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Viper - Automated Plate Stacker
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Kbiosystems Viper is an alternative way to link two pieces of equipment together, as image demonstrates here we have placed the viper in-between our automated plate sealer “Wasp” and automated barcode print and apply system “Gecko” to allow the sealing and coding of experimental plates, however these pieces of automation could be exchanged for liquid handlers or plate readers, this list goes on.
The Viper offers a narrow solution to allow combinations of systems without the need to use excessive and valuable bench space, often so hard to find these days in laboratories.
Viper handles MWP’s in standard SBS format both with or without lids and has the ability to remove lids for secondary system processing as well as offering orientation change between landscape and portrait application nests.