Vion Plasmsa - Focused Ion Beam by FEI Company

Manufacturer FEI Company

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Vion Plasmsa - Focused Ion Beam

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The FEI Vion™ Plasma Focused Ion Beam System (PFIB) adds significantly more capacity to your lab, with best-in-class milling and imaging performance in a single, easy-to-use instrument.

By incorporating plasma ion source technology, the Vion PFIB delivers increased throughput over conventional gallium FIB instruments-with speeds more than 20x faster for site-specific cross-sectioning and large area milling, as well as sample preparation.

With both excellent milling precision and high-resolution imaging at low beam currents, the Vion PFIB delivers the speed, accuracy and high contrast images essential for a wide range of process control, failure analysis or materials research applications.