VideometerLab 3 Multispectral Imaging System by Analytik Ltd

Manufacturer Analytik Ltd

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VideometerLab 3 Multispectral Imaging System
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VideometerLab 3 is a vision-based lab analyser designed for fast and accurate determination of surface colour, texture, shape, size and chemical composition.

The easy-to-use system integrates illumination, camera, and computer technology with advanced digital image analysis and statistics. VideometerLab 3 provides a rapid assessment of uniform and non-homogeneous samples by combining information on all of the above parameters automatically in just a few seconds, requiring no sample preparation and leaving the sample intact.

Using strobed LED technology VideometerLab 3 combines measurements at up to 20 different wavelengths into a single high-resolution multispectral image. Every pixel in the image is a spectrum and the system can include wavelengths outside the range detected by traditional RGB technology.

VideometerLab 3 Multispectral Imaging System Features:

  • Integrating sphere provides very homogeneous and diffuse illumination
  • Multispectral analysis in less than 6 seconds
  • Up to 19 spectral bands in the range 375 nm to 970 nm
  • Fluorescence option available
  • Black and white high resolution CCD camera (2056x2056 pixels)
  • Improved signal-to-noise ratio by individual and automated adjustments of
    the light intensity in each wavelength band
  • Improved colour determination compared to traditional RGB technology
  • Increased stability due to strobed LED source technology