ViBE Protein Analysis Workstation by BioScale, Inc.

Manufacturer BioScale, Inc.

ViBE Protein Analysis Workstation by BioScale, Inc. product image
ViBE Protein Analysis Workstation
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ViBE Protein Analysis Platform

Powered by AMMP Technology, the ViBE platform allows rapid design and configuration of protein assays to achieve highly-sensitive detection and quantitation of proteins in complex biological samples with real-time results.

The ViBE platform …
   •   Open assay design allows use of your own antibodies and the ability to define sensitivity, dynamic range, and speed requirements for efficient process workflow.
   •   Simple yet sophisticated AMMP assay format is able to selectively separate your analyte from the “noise”.
   •   Rapid design, configuration and ease of methods transfer reduce the time for assay validation.
   •   In a hurry? The ViBE platform can provide ELISA-like results in 20 minutes for a quick screening assay.
   •   Unlike automated ELISAs, ViBE products provide “real time” results.
   •   Data output from the ViBE Software are easy to interpret.

AMMP Assays—Simple. Sensitive. Sophisticated
AMMP assays use a traditional homogeneous assay format with a proprietary detection technology providing confident results, fewer sample limitations, simple operation and fast assay development. AMMP is the unique integration of magnetic microparticles, a universal sensor and acoustic detection, creating a protein detection technique that is highly robust and versatile.

Non-optical detection
AMMP non-optical protein detection technology has proven correlation with optical measurements but with broader detection limits and less sample prep. Non-optical detection and mechanically amplified signal allows measurement of low expressing proteins otherwise lost in baseline noise and less baseline interference reduces the need for multistep dilutions especially in complex samples.

Complex matrices without the complexity
Non-optical AMMP detection, assay flexibility and enhanced sensitivity enable the ViBE platform to analyze proteins from a variety of complex matrices. The ViBE platform has shown superior results in tissue, tumor, plasma, serum, urine, stool and bioreactor samples at concentrations as low as pg/mL

ViBE Technical Performance
   •   Enhanced Sensitivity – down to the sub-picogram level 
   •   Exceptional Reproducibility-- 5-10% CVs plus outstanding instrument to instrument repeatability 
   •   3-log dynamic range

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ViBE Protein Analysis Workstation by BioScale, Inc. product image

ViBE Protein Analysis Workstation

Manufacturer BioScale, Inc.

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