Vials 4 mL Screw Top by Agilent Technologies

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Vials 4 mL Screw Top
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4 mL Screw Top Vials, Caps and Septa  

   4 mL screw top glass vials are a custom fit to Agilent 6850 autosampler tray (G2880A) for use as sample as well as wash vials. Vials with fill marks are also appropriate for use as wash vials and waste vials in 7673 and 7683 autosamplers. These vials can also be used in Perkin-Elmer Autosystem GC, Waters 48 position tray autosampler, Shimadzu A0C-14/1400, LC-10A and the SIL-2AS. Use the 13 x 425 caps with septa for use as sample vials and with diffusion caps for wash vials.