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VG 9000
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The VG 9000 Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometer is the industry standard for the direct analysis of high purity solid materials.
The combination of cryo-cooled DC glow discharge source, magnetic sector high resolution analyser and dual Faraday/electron multiplier detector provide: -
• Full element coverage
• Major, minor and ultra trace determinations
• ppt detection limits directly in the solid sample

Product detail:

The VG 9000 GDMS is widely used for the quantitative analysis of high purity materials including the determination of dopants and impurities at ultra trace levels in semiconductors, and major, minor and trace elements in metal alloys and superconductors. Other applications include the bulk analysis of oxide powders and other inorganic non-conducting matrices and quantitative depth profile analysis of layered materials.
Uniquely, the instrument is able to analyse samples for major element concentrations through to ultra trace levels in a single analysis cycle. The VG 9000 provides reliable quantitation at levels significantly below 1ppb for most elements with ultimate limits of detection being around 10ppt in the solid. The high sensitivity and full elemental coverage enables the system to perform critical measurements at concentrations inaccessible to most other techniques.