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Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet

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The Vertical Laminar Flow range offers Clean air to BS5725 and clean conditions to better than Class 100.

This is achieved through the use of an EU4 pre-filter and HEPA filters that are rated at 99.997% efficient at 0.3 microns. Higher rated HEPA filters, such as 0.12 micron, are available if required.

The cabinets are manufactured from mild steel that has been Zintec powder coated to prevent corrosion. They are provided with a stainless steel worksurface to enable through and easy cleaning (optional on VLF6).

The front screen is hinged across the whole width of the cabinet to enable access to the working area. This will also allow the housing of and access to larger pieces of equipment.

The internal lighting and glazed end-panel are fitted as standard to ensure maximum visibility when working at the cabinet. An optional UV light is available if required.

The range is available in three different widths - 670mm, 1320mm and 1930mm however should you have a requirement for a specific size of cabinet, Labcaire do offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service where we can construct a cabinet to your exact application

VLF 6 - A compact alternative

The VLF 6 is an ideal alternative to a full-sized Vertical Laminar Flow cabinet when space is at a premium.

The footprint of the unit is just 670mm wide x 560mm deep and will fit on most standard worktops.

It still provides better than Class 100 clean air just like the larger versions but takes up much less room. It has an optional worksurface/spillage tray, which would enable it to be sited over equipment or services such as gas, electric or water as necessary.

For more information please mail Labcaire Systems Ltd

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