Thermo Scientific Verso cDNA Synthesis Kits

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The Thermo Scientific Verso system achieves robust and sensitive reverse transcription through the combination of a high affinity RT enzyme, a unique RNA priming method, and an optimized buffering system. The Verso RT enzyme has high RNA template affinity and reduced RNase H activity, to transcribe even sections with high secondary structure. The included anchored oligo dT priming method further enhances sensitivity by increasing transcription efficiency, and the cDNA synthesis buffer has been optimized to achieve a full and diverse cDNA pool.

• Highly sensitive with a broad dynamic range: can reverse transcribe RNA from an input range of 1 pg to 1 μg
• Efficient RT reaction allows for 75% shorter protocol times (down to 30 minutes)
• Unique priming strategy for increased efficiency and broad template flexibility
• High affinity RT enzyme effectively transcribes through difficult RNA sequences
• Wide working temperature range (42 to 57°C) for success with GC-rich and other difficult templates
• Included RT Enhancer prevents genomic DNA carryover, eliminating the need for separate DNase I treatment
• RNase Inhibitor included
• Can be paired with any PCR Kit for complete 2-Step (q)RT-PCR

• 2-step RT-(q)PCR
• Single stranded cDNA synthesis

Verso cDNA Synthesis Kit includes RT Enzyme mix with RNase Inhibitor, 5X RT Buffer, Random Hexamers, Anchored Oligo dT, 20 mM dNTPs, and RT Enhancer. (For use in 2-Step RT-PCR applications to create a complete cDNA pool prior to PCR. Aliquots from this pool can be used in separate PCR assays to study multiple genes.)

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Thermo Scientific Verso cDNA Synthesis Kits

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

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