VersaXRM-S200/220 by Xradia

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UltraXRM-S200/220 - Energy-tunable, Ultra-high Resolution 3D X-ray Microscopy For Synchrotron Facilities.

The UltraXRM-S series harnesses the powerful X-ray beams produced by synchrotron radiation facilities for ultra-high resolution 3D X-ray microscopy. Combined with the superior X-ray imaging technology developed for the laboratory-based UltraXRM-L, the UltraXRM-S series is capable of producing 3D images with 30 nm resolution. The tunability of X-ray photon energies at synchrotron sources enables spectroscopic imaging for elemental contrast and chemical state mapping. Integrated Zernike phase contrast imaging enhances the visibility of internal edges and interfaces when absorption contrast is low. Xradia's proven technology delivers a sophisticated turnkey solution with the UltraXRM-S series, making it a must for any synchrotron facility developing a high-resolution X-ray imaging capability. Now also available in a low energy version with cryogenic sample handling for imaging of organic specimens in the water window (280 - 540 eV photon energy).

UltraXRM-S200/220 Applications:

  • Life Science Studies
  • Advanced Material Analysis
  • Oil & Gas Drilling Feasibility Models
  • Semiconductor Package FA

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